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February 29, 2012

Trendspotting: Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses continue to be a big trend for weddings. While there is something to be said for a clean, streamlined all-matching look, it can be argued that going a different direction can not only be pretty but also smart. Below, some top reasons for going with a mismatched look.

1. Various Body Types
Few of us have the magazine-look of all tall, thin and gorgeous bridesmaids. Most of us have bridal parties with women of varying height, body type, and size - just like in real life!

2. Expecting Bridesmaids
If you have one or more pregnant bridesmaids, letting them choose a dress that will fit their expanding bellies and help them to feel comfortable and confident is considerate.

3. Brides in different locations with different budgets
Not all bridesmaids may be able to afford a $300 dress on top of hair, makeup, accessories and a wedding gift. Giving bridesmaids certain guidelines (which we'll get to below) and allowing them to choose a dress within their budget makes sense.

4. Unique, out-of-the-box and fun
Mismatched bridesmaids dresses can be such a fun and quirky look. It can also be just as refined as all-matching. For the bride who wants something different, this is a great way to incorporate a unique element to your wedding day.

Now that we've covered the reasons why mismatched dresses can be a big plus, let's take a look at some inspiration photos! Typically, a bride would choose a particular bridal boutique or store and tell her brides to pick a dress by a certain designer or anything as long as it is in a certain color, fabric or style. This allows for the individuality of each bridesmaid to show through while still maintaining some parameters for a cohesive look. There are different options you can go with.

Option 1: Same dress, different colors:

Although different colors they are all soft pastels so they create a complete look

Notice that there are two dresses of each color which are all in the same tonal family

Option 2: Same color, different styles

Notice that although the dresses are all different styles, they are all made of the same material: chiffon

While all different, these dresses all have a similar whimsical feel. Matching flowers in the hair help unify the look.

Here the dress styles, shoes and even hemlines differ. You can specify where you want the dress to hit the leg for a more streamlined look.

Here there are only two different styles: one for the pregnant bridesmaids on the left and an another for the bridesmaids on the right.

Allowing the maid of honor to have a slightly different dress (perhaps different neckline) is a way to set her apart.

Option 3: Same color, different shades:

Although different styles and shades of green, these dresses are unified by their material: jersey knit

These work because they are all varying shades of pale yellow in soft chiffon and cotton. Adding in a shiny satin sunshine yellow would throw this look off.

All of these dresses are similar tonally and all made of cotton

These dresses differ only slightly in color, varying in shades of blush

These soft beige dresses are unified by their unique, vintage style

These dresses are all slightly varying shades of crimson with mismatched black tights.

Option 4: Anything goes!

This look is a total free-for-all with mismatched dresses, shoes, even tights!

Here we have varying shades of coral with yellow and pale blue thrown in for good measure. The length of the dresses and the soft flowing fabric helps to unify them

This pretty rainbow look is reinforced by matching each girl's bouquet to her dress.

Option 5- Same or similar dresses with mismatched accessories

These pretty cardigans help inject color and keep the chill away

Bouquets matched to the satin ribbon is a sweet way to have fun with color, but look: the shoes don't match the flowers or bow which throws in an unexpected flair

Here, each bridesmaids' shoes match her bracelet and earrings while the bride's shoes match the bridesmaids' dresses. The colors are pulled from the bouquets creating a fun and unique colorful look!

If going totally mismatched isn't your thing, go with two different style dresses and let the girls choose their shoes -just dye them all the same color! Here, the color of the shoes is reinforced by the rust colored flowers in the bouquet.

We hope you enjoyed this look into bridesmaids' trends. Now, we're dying to know what you think of this look! Love it, or hate it? Whatever you decide on, remember that Fiori carries hundreds of beautiful dresses in every style, color and fabric imaginable! Be sure to check us out!

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